Same Day iPhone Screen Replacement

We have high quality replacement screens in stock at all times for every model of iPhone, from the 4 all the way up to the 6 Plus. This is one of our most in-demand repairs and we do tons of these everyday so we have got the process down and can get it fixed within 60 minutes in most cases.

From aesthetic cracks to catastrophic smashed phones we have recovered them all. Instead of trying to fix individual cracks we completely replace the entire front display which includes the glass overlay as well as the underlying LCD. Our repairs are all backed up by a standard 60 day warranty which covers the labor and part. Unfortunately, we can’t cover you dropping your phone again, but if the part malfunctions or we’ve made an error during the installation process we will gladly correct the issue.

iPhone 6 & iPhone 7 Repair

The release of the iPhone 6 has made waves as it is the most advanced and functional phone on the market to date. Unfortunately this hasn’t stopped Apple users from dropping their devices and cracking the screen. We can replace these screens the same day, however the cost is higher than normal due to a shortage of screens that are of sufficient quality. We definitely don’t want to use cheap screens since they break easier and will simply result in more issues down the road.

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