Samsung Galaxy Repairs in Tampa, FL

Not everyone has an iPhone, but unfortunately everyone has the ability to drop their Android based Samsung phone and crack the LCD or break the digitizer. In either case, we’re here and are your best choice for transparent, affordable and most importantly professional mobile device repair in Tampa, Clearwater and Naples. Bring in your Samsung Galaxy or Note device and our friendly and talented technicians can diagnose your phone and let you know if your phone is worth fixing, and what the exact cost would be.


Same Day Samsung Galaxy & Note Repairs

Full Glass and LCD Assembly Replacement For All Samsung Devices

Samsung has used a different type of LCD display in their Android based cell phones since the release of the Galaxy S5 and without getting too technical, the process of fixing these type of phones is much more difficult and unfortunately, more costly. With that said, it definitely is possible to replace the LCD assembly of your phone, and can be done the same day whereas your carrier (T-Mobile, Verizon, etc) may take weeks to get your phone back in your hands for not much less. We want to be the most convenient repair option in Tampa, but also the most transparent so we’d like to explain the difference between replacing the LCD and the glass.

The LCD assembly includes the underlying screen as well as the glass that goes over top. If you’ve broken or cracked your glass but the screen still lights up, you may still need the entire front display unit replaced. This is because the process of replacing the front glass and making sure it’s flush with the frame and rest of the phone is extremely tricky and not something that can currently be done consistently. This is a major reason why fixing these Galaxy screens is more expensive than the Apple iPhone screen repairs we do.

Issues We Fix

  • Glass+LCD Replacement (backed up w/ warranty!)

  • Battery Replacement

  • Speakerphone / Microphone Issues

  • Back Glass Replacement

  • Water Damage Diagnosis

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