iPhone Battery Replacement

We have tons of customers coming through the doors of our Tampa location with poor battery life and even a totally dark and unresponsive phone. In both cases, a battery replacement for your iPhone 4, 5 or 6 is very easy to do and we can get it done within the hour. Apple Care warranties do not address the battery issues individually and will only send you a refurbished device within 48 hours – and transferring files, contacts and media back is your responsibility though. Our recommendation is to save your Apple Care replacements for more catastrophic problems and bring us your battery deprived iPhone – we can replace the standard lithium-ion battery super fast and you’ll be just as good as the day you un-boxed your brand new iPhone.

iPhone 6 Battery Improvement Recommendations

The iPhone 6 has been out on the market for over a year now, and with Tampa and Clearwater residents using their phones so intensely, the lithium-ion battery within your device will surely need to be replaced and that’s certainly something we can do. However in the mean time, there are certain settings you can apply on your phone which will give you a longer battery duration, which can be great if your phone isn’t making it past the mid-afternoon mark.

  • Reduce brightness – if your phone is on maximum brightness then this is totally unnecessary. Turning it down with the slider function in your Settings and keeping it down will definitely make an improvement in your overall battery life.
  • Another easy drain to fix is reducing background data usage some apps seem to gobble up. Go Settings > General > Background App Refresh and tap it so it’s off.
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