Fast and Affordable iPhone Screen Repair in Tampa, FL

Apple device repair is a much needed service for anyone in the Tampa or Clearwater area that needs their iPhone, iPad or iPod device fixed fast and without too much hassle or inconvenience. The ability of people to break their iPhones, regardless of how long they have had it in their posession is incredible. Within hours of the iPhone 6 being released people had dropped their phones and cracked the large, beautiful LCD display.

Up until about two years ago Apple wasn’t offering any type of component repair, whether it be the battery or screeen. If you had the Apple Care warranty, you could simply exchange your broken phone at the nearest Tampa Apple Store and get a refurbished phone of the same model shipped to you within 24-48 hours. Fortunately OEM quality replacement parts have made it onto the market and become more affordable for the average cell phone repair shop in Tampa or a DIY tech geek to accomplish. We’re aobviously partial to professional, fully warrantied repair but the reality is you certainly can accomplish most simple iPhone repairs yourself if you have the time and patience.

Bring Your Broken iPhone To Us!

iPhoneRepairTampaFL.com was founded to be the perfect blend between a cell phone and iPhone repair service that doesn’t cut corners and gets the job done fast so you can enjoy the features of your phone sooner. We use the best quality screens, and train our technicians extensively so they use best practices when it comes to diagnosing and replacing interior components. While replacing an iPhone 5 screen is quite easy, it does require a steady hand and sufficient technical knowledge of the layout. If you end up trying to fix your own iPhone and make any fatal mistakes, you are out of luck – unfortunately Apple does not cover you messing up your own phone. Of course if you bring it to us we can have it fixed the same day and will back up all our own work, parts and service with a solid 30 day warranty. We know peace of mind is important and we’re confident in our work.


Saving Water Damaged iPhone’s

Broken screens and crappy battery life is something we deal with almost every hour in our Tampa location, but liquid and water damage specifically requires a special and more time consuming diagnosis. Many cell phone repair shops in the area will waste your time, charging you an arm and a leg for recovery attempts that do nothing but ruin your device and cause further data loss. We do things a bit differently here and we’d like to help you recover your device before you even get it into our shop. How can you do that, you ask? Well the first step would be to not turn your device on once it has water damage! We see so many people turn their device on right away after removing it from a full or partial submersion that it is a bit depressing.

Don’t Turn Your Water Damaged iPhone On At All

Water gets into every crevice of your phone, including those you cannot detect or even reasonably get to to dry out. When you turn your phone on, you’re most likely going to short circuit the entire device. By having our professional technicians dry out the entire phone, take it apart and get every crevice cleaned out and remove any corrosion you are skyrocketing the chances you can at the very least get your data and contacts off the phone, if not completely restore it and have it working.

What About The iPhone Rice Bag Trick?

A quick Google search will lead you down the path of this old trick which claims that putting your iPhone in a bag of rice for a couple days allows all the excess moisture to be sucked up and water damaged iphone tampa baymagically your phone will work again – all for the cost of a bag of rice. Does this work? In our experience, although it might work in cases of limited water damage, in the majority of other instances you are simply putting your phone at higher risk of damage. The minute grains of rice can easily get stuck in the charging port and headphone jack of your iPhone and further complicate the situation. Not to mention that any water droplets on the inside of your phone will not be absorbed by the rice and you can still short circuit your phone and ruin it as mentioned above.

Call us today at (727) 223-2046 or bring your phone in and we can do our best to clean out the interior of your phone and give it the best chance of recovery. Don’t use a $2 bag of rice to save a $1,000 iPhone!

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