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We are your source for high quality third party iPhone and iPad repair services in Tampa and Clearwater. Our technicians have years of experience diagnosing and replacing issues with all models of iPhone and iPad’s and can get your device fixed much faster than other options, including the Apple Care warranty.

Broken screens, batteries, home/power buttons, and almost all the other components of your iPhone can be fixed and most of this can be done the same day if not within 24 hours. Your power button, home button and battery will likely wear down if you use your iPhone daily, and whereas Apple would distract you with the newest model, but we offer an alternative – third party professional Apple repairs.

Hey Tampa! Let’s get your phone or tablet fixed today!

Same Day iPhone Screen Repair In Tampa, FL

You’ve cracked your iPhone screen and need it fixed ASAP – we totally understand and are here to help! Our skilled and helpful technicians can replace the entire front screen of your iPhone within the hour and have you with a working phone in almost no time. Due to the way the iPhone LCD is manufactured, this is the most efficient way to fix a cracked or smashed screen. Separating the glass from the underlying LCD is almost impossible and very time consuming. Given the fact that most customers want their device back in working condition the same day, if not within the hour we opt to replace the entire front display. The best part is this is done at a fraction of the cost of a new iPhone and we use extremely high quality OEM replacement components that are protected by our warranty (labor and parts covered).


Liquid Damage Diagnosis

iPhone gone for a swim? Don’t want to talk about it? No problem, we won’t ask. Just bring your device in and we can diagnose the problem and do our best to un-drown your phone and recover your important data.

Transparent Pricing

We will always let you know before hand what the exact cost and turnaround time is for your phone or tablet is and refuse to spring surprise costs on our customers. Rest assured your working with a trusted, local and reliable cell phone repair shop that is focused on 100% satisfaction.

Free Diagnosis

Not sure what’s wrong with your iPhone or iPad? Bring it to us and we’d be glad to diagnose it for free. We’ll only charge you for what works to fix it and we’re 100% transparent with our prices.

Full Service iPhone Repair

We have plenty of replacement parts for almost every part of your iPhone that can break. From broken screens to power/home buttons and batteries we can fix it all!

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